PALISANDER – Recorder Quartet Concert

Friday 28th February, 2020, 8.00pm, Eigg Community Hall.

On recorders of myriad shapes and sizes, the virtuosic foursome will present Recorder Revolution, featuring composers: Merula, Toby Young, Vivaldi, Vaughan Williams

Did you know 3,500,000 plastic recorders are produced worldwide each year, or that the earliest designs melted in direct sunlight?

Did you know that King Henry VIII had more recorders than wives, with over 70 in his collection?

Or that in 18th-century England the recorder was used to teach birds to sing?

Despite its more recent reputation as a primarily didactic instrument, the recorder has a rich history bought to life in Recorder Revolution! Its design has continually evolved to suit the demands of the era, with Palisander showcasing recorders as visually intriguing as they are to listen to – renaissance and baroque in design, from the tiny six-inch garklein to the six-feet tall contrabass. Combining authentic historical practice with sensitive contemporary interpretations, this programme presents a cross-section of the recorder’s varied repertoire: including traditional music from the British Isles, songs by Kings, sparkling baroque concertos and surprising contemporary techniques.

The concert is generously supported by The Tunnell Trust – THANK YOU.

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