Adventure Eigg

Big enough to explore, but small enough not to get lost.  From rocks to rock pools, cliff paths to seashores, Eigg’s a great place for an adventure.  

And if you’re not sure where to begin or need a bike / kayak / boat / guide / whatever… we have some great locals to help you out and make sure you don’t miss anything. 

Eigg Adventures

Eigg Adventures provides bike hire, kayak hire and archery sessions on the wild and beautiful Isle of Eigg.   The dramatic scenery and abundant wildlife of Eigg has captivated visitors for generations and at Eigg Adventures we’ll help you explore the island on bike, kayak or on foot.  Visit the Eigg Adventures website for more information or to book.

Nature Walks

Guided Nature Walks, a treat for all the senses. Join Eigg’s Scottish Wildlife Trust Ranger on one of their weekly wild adventures. Guided walks occur every Wednesday at 11:00am throughout the spring and summer months, beginning at the old shop located at the centre of the island.

Find out more on the Scottish Wildlife Trust Guided Nature Walks here.

Selkie Explorers

Selkie Explorers offers day, weekend and week long trips around Eigg, Small Isles, Outer Hebrides, St Kilda and beyond.  Visit the Selkie Explorer website for the latest schedule and more details

During Selkie Explorer Day Trips you can learn how to weigh anchor, hoist the mainsail and helm and head out for an adventure with experienced skipper Celia Bull.  Itineraries are many and varied depending on the conditions of the day and your preferences. Example trips are a sail around the Isle of Eigg; sailing out and around Muck to see the sea bird colonies or north up to the Skye Cuillin anchorages.  Keep a look out for Selkie’s special Sail and Dine trips where sailing is combined with fine eating.

For a bigger adventure join Selkie overnight.  Selkie is a go anywhere and do anything sailing yacht that has navigated to places such as Antarctica, South Georgia and Madagascar. The lifting keel enables Selkie to get into shallow anchorages and even dry out during low tide. Her rugged and strong construction and rig make her an ideal vessel for visiting the Outer Hebrides and St Kilda. Selkie Explorer’s week long trip gives you unique opportunities to see places, hard to visit other than by boat, and stay aboard this expedition yacht with a unique island based skipper and crew who can regale you with tales of daring do from all over the world, but especially Eigg.

Email Selkie Explorers or call Celia on 07827888321