Our Collective Memoryscape

The dramatic history of Eigg is inscribed in its landscape. We are the keepers, the tradition-bearers, and the bards of the future. 

  • Traces and voices of the past: from prehistory to present day*, we share the archaeology, influence, and stories of those who live and have lived and toiled here
  • Landscape & legend: Gaelic and Norse placenames tell of a land steeped in stories and full of folklore. 
  • Island of powerful women: nuns, goddesses, water spirits, the power behind the buyout. 
  • Voice of the present – our musicians, ceilidhs, sessions, concerts, writers, craftspeople and creatives enliven and enrich our island community today as they have for centuries.

*Each major era of Scottish history has left its mark (or voice): Mesolithic hunter-gatherers; Bronze age burial cairns; Iron Age hut circles, duns, and forts; Pagan Picts; Early Christian saints and followers; Viking arrivals; Clans & warfare; Crofting townships; Clearance & the coming of the sheep; agricultural improvement; sporting estates & landowners; buyout era and beyond….