Our Green Journey

Our community is trying to live in an energy efficient and sustainable way, and we’re still learning.

We are all on a green journey, here is what we are doing on Eigg… What can you do?

  • Power from nature: Eigg electric ‘micro grid’, powered by solar, wind & water
  • Red Light: we always know where our electricity comes from, and how much we use
  • ECO-Eigg: sustainable, low impact businesses promote green living, local food production etc. Green Team (EEAG) beach cleans, orchard, tree nursery, swap shop, recycling, Eco School status
  • Fuel for life: long term forest plan, tree nursery and wood fuel enterprise, reducing carbon emissions. 
  • Carbon & our community: Our Clean Energy Transition Agenda aim to be carbon net zero by 2030.
  • Crofting comeback: celebrate how crofting’s traditional land management methods support sustainability & nature conservation.