Eigg Tree Nursery’s first trees planted in Kelpie Woods

THE Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust Tree Nursery has been continuing at pace over the winter, culminating in the restocking of the Kelpie Woods in Galmisdale. This is the first woodland on Eigg to be restocked using home-grown native trees from our own tree nursery. It has been an exciting time as we have watched as the first trees grown on the island from seed become part of our woodlands.

Lots of Eigg folk were on hand on February 27 to help with the planting on our community planting day, including the children from the primary school. It was such a joy to see so many residents out in the wind and rain planting the trees which will shape the woodland for years to come.

The tree nursery at the forestry is going from strength to strength, led by Tasha Fyffe with already more than 10,000 seeds planted this year. These seeds will soon be finding permanent homes as well as the Kelpie Woods replanting is merely the beginning. Projects now being worked towards include restocking the recently harvested sitka spruce plantation and a woodland creation site. A lot of hard work ahead, but very rewarding to start seeing the results.

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