Eigg Environmental Action!

Singing Sands Beach Clean 

Inspired by the Great British Beach Clean week at the end of September, Eigg Environmental Action Group co-ordinated a long awaited beach clean on Singing Sands.  

Islanders and visitors alike are very conscientious at removing marine plastics during beach walks, however carrying larger items home from Singing Sands, accessible only by foot via a cliff path presents more of a challenge.  With plenty of space to work in safe social distance, small groups of islanders spent a sunny Sunday afternoon clearing large volumes of marine waste from the beach and hauling it up the hill for collection by tractor and trailer.   

The day was a huge success.  The transformation of a beach littered with reds, blues and greens of plastic waste to its natural soft hues is immensely satisfying.  We are so grateful to our community for the endless hours of volunteer time put in to keep our beaches looking healthy and beautiful.      

Community Orchard

And this month, it is all about the APPLES!  Eigg’s Community Orchard is bursting with bumper crops of apples as well as plums and pears. With 25 different varieties of fruit trees, the Community Orchard is developing year on year and looking particularly spectacular this month.  We are looking forward to making the most of this year’s apple season – time to get harvesting, storing, baking, and preserving!


  1. Christy Willett Christy Willett
    15th March 2021    

    I’m hoping to be there in the end of September of 2021. Is there another beach clean-up being organized again this year? I’d love to help!

  2. Chris Sandeman Chris Sandeman
    31st October 2020    

    Hello from North Devon, where we too have magnificent beaches and a fantastic apple harvest this year (some good news at least)… so, hopefully, your beach cleaners can reward themselves with some Eigg Cider?

  3. Nancy F Reichard Nancy F Reichard
    4th October 2020    

    Wow! That’s an amazing amount of trash! I guess the good thing is that it’s washing up on the shores & you can pick it up & remove it, compared to visitors leaving the mess. Those a beautiful apples!

  4. Isabel Garrett Isabel Garrett
    1st October 2020    

    Excellent!We have beach heroes here in the Three Towns.One who is down every day at Stevenston(N.Ayrshire) has the beach pristine.