Rapid Departure Watch Party

LIVE THEATRE (almost) from the comfort of your own armchair! 

Given that there is a dearth of live theatre at the moment – or to be accurate, absolutely no live theatre at all – Right Lines Productions thought the good folk of Eigg and its supporters might enjoy coming together for a watch party of their show Rapid Departure. And it’s FREE!

Wednesday 29th April at 8pm.

Rapid Departure was rehearsed and premiered in Eigg Community Hall back in 2015.  The show is fondly remembered as a brilliant night out, with lots of laughter and everyone getting into the spirit of the “emergency”.

The current emergency is no laughing matter, but thanks to digital wizardry all round, we can all have a good night IN with the community in Rafford as they came together for Rapid Departure in their hall.

How it works

1. To watch, simply click here at 8.00pm on Wednesday 29th April

2. The password protection will be lifted just before 8.00pm, so you can just click and watch the show.

3. Tell your pals. Bring your own snacks. Take some light-hearted time out and enjoy a laugh or two.

What’s Rapid Departure all about?

The surrounding area has been hit by a freak flood and the locals (the audience) are guided to the safety of the Village Hall, the designated Emergency Rest Centre. Environmental calamities are on the increase and extreme weather conditions can arise at any moment.  The question is, how would we all cope? Plunged into the fraught world of the rural Rest Centre, the evacuees and officials grapple with the ever-deepening crisis both outside the Hall – and in!  

Right Lines can always be relied upon to make a drama out of a crisis.  In this evening of immersive comedy, our five characters are desperately trying to keep their heads above water as the Emergency Plan is swept away before their very eyes!  

Written by Euan Martin & Dave Smith, Right Lines Productions www.rightlines.net