Eigg Declares a Climate and Ecological Emergency

In recognition of the science of climate change and the devastating impacts on human lives, biodiversity and ecosystems around the world, the Isle of Eigg Residents Association (IERA) declares a Climate and Ecological Emergency. This means that all future decisions made by the IERA will be influenced by the global problems we face.

We pledge to work with and support our community and local government in tackling this Emergency, and we call on others to do the same.

These are our intentions:

We will tell the truth. Governments and the media must communicate the urgent need for far-reaching systemic change. We pledge to:

  • Be honest about the Emergency, and how its associated harms disproportionately affect frontline, vulnerable communities all over the world. We call on governments and media to do the same.
  • Use our resources to discuss, learn about and respond truthfully to the Emergency, and to understand the changes that are needed both on Eigg and globally.

We will take action. Governments must reverse climate-harming policies and enact legally binding policy measures to reduce CO2 emissions to net zero by 2025 and to reduce consumption levels. We pledge to:

  • Challenge policies and actions of local and national governments and their agencies, where they apply to us, that do not help to reduce emissions, consumption levels and social inequality.
  • Work towards fundamental changes to infrastructure both on and associated with Eigg to reduce our emissions to net zero.
  • Support the work of the groups and individuals on Eigg that are seeking to address the Emergency.
  • Actively work to imagine and model ways that the IERA can regenerate the planet’s biodiversity and ecosystems.
  • Run programmes of education and learning with, organised by and for children and young people.
  • Work with, influence and inspire partners, suppliers and funders to deliver similar goals.
  • Take steps to proactively include young people in our discussions and actions, ensuring that they have a voice in shaping our future.
  • Interrogate all current and future supplier relationships and partnerships to ensure that we do not support, and are not supported by, organisations actively working against these goals.
  • Call on the Government to provide the powers, resources and help with funding to make these goals possible and ask local MPs to do likewise.

We are committed to learning and social justice. The Emergency has arisen from deeply systemic injustices. We pledge to:

  • Use our resources to educate, share and inspire, and be open to inspiration from others, forging shifts in the ways people relate to one another and the world.
  • Support practical acts of solidarity that are informed by people directly affected by the systems and structures driving the ecological and climate emergency, and promote initiatives led by these communities.
  • Ensure that our practices and projects are underpinned by reflective dialogue as we push for rapid action for climate justice.

Declaration ends.

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